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Maria Qvist is a free spirited,  international abstract artist based in Sweden. She has been painting all her life and creating is her souls passion. Maria is a self taught artist, and has exhibited her work both internationally, nationally and digitally, and sell her artworks all over the world. 


Her art is inspired by the raw materials we find in nature, aswell as the stillness we find there. Layers and texture gives her work an extra dimension and adds to the experience. Maria loves the Japanese outlook on life "Wabi sabi" wich mirrors back in her work. Old historical buildings, like temples, ruins and cathedrals is also an inspiraton for her artworks.


Throughout the history of humanity, art has touched our hearts and found it's ways to tell stories. It allows us to travel beyond consciousness and time.


Art is a legacy, not of the human mind but of the human soul. I want every artwork of mine to speak to the viewer, and to grow old with it's owner. When I create art I feel alive. Every peace is unique and has a piece of my soul in it

Thank you for being here.


With gratitude, Maria

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